Roulette er et av de eldste kasino spillene som finnes, og mennesker har i flere arhundre fascinert av denne spinnende hjulet. Man tror at roulette er oppdaget av matematikeren Blaise Pascal allerede under 1600-tallet, men det er klart at roulettebordet har snurret i Paris finere kretsar siden midten av 1700-tallet. It’s not strange that roulette is an iconic game that often appears on the white screen and is associated with a glamorous casino atmosphere. The game is popular because it’s quick to learn and it’s easy to understand. You need almost no knowledge to put yourself at a roulette table and actually win money, but it may be good to know the odds for your games and when it’s time to stop. Her gar vi gjennom roulette fra grunnen!

Roulette – litet hjul.

Roulette er fransk og betyr lite hjul. Now for the time being the wheels are pretty big and beautifully decorated, and you play online offers many games companies a live stream of a real wheel that spins. The wheel is divided into numbered sections, in European or French roulette from 0 to 36 and in American Roulette you will also find a double zero. The fields are dyed either black or red, except for the zero that is green. Siffrorna star inte i nummerordning uten er organisert etter en og samme monster uansett hvor du spiller i hele verden. The American Roulette tables have a green field on each side of the wheel, while the French / European wheel only has a green field with a zero. From 1-10 and 19-28, the odd numbers are red and even numbers are black while from 11-18 and 29 to 36, the odd numbers are black and even red. Roulettehjulet is designed to generate a completely slump-based result and it is not possible to cheat or calculate results in roulette. Since the game gives you many opportunities to bet your money, there are some strategies that you can take before you start playing.

Innsiden og utenfor innsatsen.

Det er flere forskjellige mater a satse pa i roulette, og man deler inn satsingene i innsiden og utenfor innsatsen. Categories har fatt sitt navn etter hvordan den gronne matta ser ut, den sakalte layouten. Jeg er midt i layouten ser du siffrorna fra 0 til 36 og rundt disse er det ytterligere seks rutor og en rekke under med 3-6 felt. This is standard for above all European or French roulette and what distinguishes an American layout is, among other things, an extra double zero to play on. Dubbelnoll gir huset en hoyere sjanse til a beholde sine penger. For a plassere en innsats legger du ganske enkelt din satsning pa en eller flere tall som du vil spille pa. Det gar a spille i innsatser som single, split, street, corner, trio eller andre kombinasjoner av tall som ligger n r hverandre pa layouten. A spille singler gir absolutt hoyest odds og 36 ganger pengarna tilbake, men det er ogsa vanskeligere a vinne.

Jeg amerikansk roulette gir en singel 37 ganger pengarna. En delt, det vil si om du satser pa to tall, gir 17 ganger pengene og street ger 11 tilbake. The more numbers or bigger combinations you pay for the lower will be refund, but your chances to win increases. En utenfor innsats legger deg pa de omliggende spelfalten som ikke er tall. There you can play on even or even numbers, if the ball lands on red or black field, or if the win figure will be low (1-18) or high (19-36). Alle disse spillene gir dobbelt penger tilbake, men det er ogsa et betydelig sikrere satsing a gjore da du har nesten 50% sjanse til a vinne. I American Roulette avoids these odds because they have two green fields with two zeros instead of a green field like in European Roulette. Langt pa layouten finner du noen mindre felt der du kan spille pa forste, andre eller tredje dussinet av tall. These give a odds of 2 against one and one payout on the bet plus double money. Dette er en bra odds med bra sjanse til a vinne en betydelig summa.

Muligheten til a vinne i roulette.

Siden roulette er et av de eldste kasino spillene, har man gjennom arene forsokt a utarbeide mange forskjellige mater a maksimere sine sjanser til a vinne. With different mathematical formulas, probability theory and even mechanical calculations around the roulette wheel design, many attempts have been made to overlista the casino. Faktum er att roulette er en slumpgenerert turspill, designet for at huset skal ga med gevinst. Dette betyr ikke at du som spiller ikke har god sjanse til a vinne da roulette er et generost spill med mange forskjellige mater a satse pa. An experienced player knows that many bitches are better than a big one – that is to say, in roulette it’s the win that wins and you will have a greater chance of leaving the table with extra money in your pocket if you play on a field with a flame odds. To bet on equal or even number or if the ball ends in red or black just give the double bet back but through multiple repeated winnings you will soon get up to big sums. As with all other casino games, you will stop playing on time. It may be good to already decide in advance how much you are going to spend or if you are lucky on your side when you are going to settle down and leave the table.

Spill roulette online.

Roulette is one of the most common casino games you can find on online casinos from both Swedish and foreign gaming companies. Of course you can choose between several different types of roulette, in addition to French and American, you can also play with two balls, golden balls or other similar variants that are mostly online. Mange online spill har roulette som standard i sine live-avdelinger der du kan logge deg inn og ta del av spillbordet via en live streamet sending fra et riktig roulettebord pa et kasino over hele landet. There you will get an authentic casino opportunity and can chat with croupiers and other players at the table. Roulette er et like klassisk spill online som det er pa et fysisk kasino. Dagens teknik has taken the game longer and developers are constantly inventing new game modes that keep alive in this centuries-old game.