Haven’t tried this out yet. Damaged cables or connectors can degrade notebook performance. For now, though, if you can’t connect without that extra string, you’ll have to use it. I’ve heard from one individual that the modem driver may not continue functioning after the laptop’s been suspended and then woken up again. Just install that, load the ipw module, and you’re good to go.

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Damaged cables or connectors can degrade notebook performance. Europe, Middle East, Africa. I don’t have anything Bluetooth for it to talk to.

If anyone does know how to get the burner past 10x, let me know, though It doesn’t look like I’ll have to touch the kernel to get anything working anymore, so here’s my. Acrd here for the defective parts return procedure for US.

Push both arms outward cokpaq to release the Mini PCI card to the spring tension position. This isn’t a problem with all ISPs, though, so if you don’t need to add that string, don’t.


Asia Pacific and Oceania. I should note that the original 2. I don’t have any Firewire devices for it to talk to. Use care when disconnecting the wireless antenna cables from the Mini PCI card.

Full DRI works fine using the i driver. When I specify 24x, the burner seems to operate at around 10x. Then, hopefully, when you run crad you’ll be up and running! Once you’ve got that, use a wvdial. I haven’t tried out any USB2. There aln two drivers which can be used: Also change “dialout” to whatever group you need to use to have a user dial out, though dialout is a pretty common one nowadays.

Linux on an HP/Compaq nc

The other option, if you’re on 2. In this case mx6120 the Original Spare or the Modified Spare may be shipped which will not affect performance or functionality of the unit.

Javascript is disabled in this browser. Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. When working properly, glxinfo should include the following, as opposed to “Mesa Indirect”: Tools required P1 Phillips-head screw driver.

Press the Mini PCI card down to latch the arms. Use the clean version. The cdrecord commandline I use is: For comparison, here’s the glxgears FPS ratings that I observed using various configurations these benchmarks are from ages ago, I’ll have to update them with newer versions of software thanwhen I originally put this together: The Init2 line didn’t seem to have much bearing on whether or not the dialout was working. I haven’t found the time to test that out on my system, though it’s been on my To-Do list for some time now.


ALSA’s snd-intel8x0m, and the ‘slamr’ module included with slmodem.

HP Compaq nx6120 (PC423AV) laptop network card drivers

Lots of thanks to Sasha from that list for wading through tons of debugging output from me. They’ve been notified about the problem, and hopefully they’ll have a fix out eventually.

Quake3, SimCityand Chromium B.