Wibrain B1 SJ , 4. On my Win7 install on u it auto-notified me that there was a Win7-specific driver for the Fingerprint sensor Authentec. I also have an odd issue with Bluetooth, which I will try to explain. Wibrain have always been competitively priced too. The rotate will work when I go back to landscape but not when I first rotate to portrait.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Im so happy, thanks very much for the post.

Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu U810 or U1010 [UMPC]

I cant seem to get the fingerprint working. January 24th, at Yet if I restart the system, all is well until I hibernate. fujitsy

The error message was from the Fujitsu Rotation Utility. Well I finally got all the drivers installed but opted out of installing the fingerprint scanner — disabled it. Is there an block alignment issue with that value that might slow down disk access?

Windows 7 Fujitsu U1010/U810 Auto Rotation

The touch-pointer and keyboard help to make the learning u10100 short. CNet video overview of U For the direction of the pointing device, I had realized that before I installed the pointing device driver, the pointer was fine and so I uninstall the driver from the programs and it works well thanks a lot Jebaraj.


Hi Andre, Thanks for a prompt reply. I installed the Vista drivers from the driver CD. Hi Elias, I install windowe Win7 Ultimate and then installed the drivers by following your instruction.

So, no need to worry. Followed your instructions and my U is running Windows7 great now, buttons working and pointer clicking! I just used your files and instructions and Windows 7 works great!

Windows 7 Fujitsu U/U Auto Rotation – Prasys’ Blog

Everything looks fine except screen rotation. Lazy source code comment stunts. Do you know how to reinstall it? I installed win 7 works fine but wish I had just kept XP which also was great and I was a more familiar with, less tweaking for this set up! Hello Ronny, follow my installation steps, and everything will run.

Ctitanic’s video review of the U When someone needs the package again, because it was deleted; I uploaded it to my Blog http: I just installed Windows 7 Business Build on my U Can someone link in the location of V1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Make sure to also install the GPS driver. Samsung Q1EX7. I did not try the fingerprint driver, but the sound has apparantly been fixed in the latest BETA I also have an odd issue with Bluetooth, which I will try to explain. If anybody has some ideas please help methanks in advance, jebaraj. I had problems on my U back when I was testing the Beta version of Win7.

At first I was just using the Microsoft dujitsu drivers that auto-installed with the OS and they seemed to work just fine.

Here is the site you can download the drivers from: