It turns the scroll lock area keys into a number pad:. Hannah at June 3, I agree that they should have put the lights somewhere else so as to preserve the break between the edit block and print screen block, but still this is so close to what I’ve been wanting. I do graphics and find the keypad unnecessary. I have and old IBM M13 keyboard whose trackpoint mouse has gone wonky

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IBM SpaceSaver II

Warning, as of this comment Lenovo’s ThinkPad keyboard apparently has firmware key stickiness problems. Ahmed at July 23, I tested a Benq x wirelessand it was lovely to type on, quiet, but only worked for 1 to 90 seconds before giving out, spacesavrr on which of 3 USB ports were used.

Barbara Michalak at March 1, I tried the Logitech diNovo cordless desktop keyboard. Ina at November 8, ubm The worst ones are the desktop keyboards. I want this keyboard, where can I get it?!? Jani at March 30, Great info in the cornell research, about putting a mouse platform on TOP of the numeric keyboard.

Spacesaver M White Buckling Spring USB

I like spacssaver trackpoint in conjuction with a normal mouse. I immediately moved my trackball mouse on top of the keyboard, supporting it with vertical slices of cardboard and anchoring it with a couple of rectangles of the thin throw-rug underlay.


Even worse, most right-handed people put the mouse to the right of that – a huge reach. Problem was that one key, left arrow, got stuck on Day One of ownership. I have more room on my keyboard tray for other equipment. You never have to move your hands back spaceswver your desk to move the pointer.

Ken Liu at August 30, In order to expand our international markets, we’d like to introduce our products to you. Christmas present for myself. I thought it would keybkard happen.

World’s best Computer Keyboard

That would make me life a lot better, i. Ever since then, I have tried various small keyboards that do not have the huge attachment on the right. I couldn’t agree more – the SpaceSaver II looks like a god-send. E TwentyNine on Sun, 31 July Do you hear me IBM? Check it out they have a Keyboard for every application. Its made in the same plant on the same machinery as IBM made their keyboards for years before they sold off that part of their business.


May 21, World’s best Computer Keyboard I spend all day in front of a computer keyboard. Truthful writing and politeness do not mix well.

IBM SpaceSaver II 37L Wired Keyboard | eBay

I was searching for info on laptop keyboards as I’m about to buy a laptop when I can decide which one. I did the preceding at about 80 wpm.

I have my own mouse and I want the keyboard buttons to copy and paste instead, and the middle button maybe select all. Hard to describe but that is the best I can do.

I remember spacewaver, we made it all the way to a pillbox, under intense fire, men were dropping like flies, only to find we had left the mouse pad back in the dugout. And why would you need Fn on a desktop?! I’ve used the the Goldtouch ergonomic split key keyboard for a long time http: DManette at May 18,