Mailbin Power Off Power cord improperly connected. The current value of the Dollar is creating excellent opportunities for you to improve your margins by sourcing in the United States, and we are experienced in serving overseas resellers. Remove the 1 plastic c-clip and slide the pivot arm from the shaft.. Do not open the cover when the power is on. Different markings are used to denote specific meanings as detailed below.

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Remove the hook at the front center from the frame and remove the cover by pulling it to the right. Bad connector connection laser unit. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

In every case, we will be prompt and proactive in our communication with you about any sourcing delays. Paper Name Function 1.

Different markings are used to denote specific meanings as detailed below. Warm up When the power switch is turned on, the warm-up begins and the heater lamp is turned on. While pressing SW1, move the mode setting switch from off to on.

The devel- oped toner image is transported to the image transfer belt. E Memory errors There are four memory errors. Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago. I have owned Minolta’s Magicolor Color Printer for 5 plus years and have found that the printer is always in need of a replacement cartridge or other internal mechanical item that will not be covered under warranty and ends up costing half the price of the printer.


Is there a problem with the print image qual- ity? This charges the surface of the OPC drum with an even electrical load.

Judging sample prints, using both my naked eye and a magnifying loop, I noted that the ‘s text looked unsharp and the test image didn’t seem near photo quality although HP’s sample print did not have a proper image for telling photo quality.

Toner agitating vane This stirs the contents of the toner hopper and transports the toner to the toner transport roller. When you print a mixed stack of portrait and landscape sheets together, the landscape mode sheets will come out in the reverse magicoloor – meaning the right side of magocolor sheet will come out of the printer last – this means you have to manually sort thru an entire stack and rotate each landscape sheet degrees to get it into it’s “correct” magocolor.

Because the film is transparent, the LED light from the light-emitting section of the sensor passes through it and is reflected by the Prism Lens mounted at the top of the sensor.

This releases the cleaner lever, applying pressure to the image transfer belt cleaner. The mode display LEDs flash to show that the unit is in test mode. Are the paper take-up rollers worn or dirty with paper dust or parti- cles? Remove the tabs for the belt cleaner release position sensor.


Workgroup printer – laser – color. I’m going to buy another one because it’s cheaper then fixing this one and Buying the four toner cartridges. No Properly connect the power cord to the outlet. Shrunk-down browser screen captures in our marketing brochures had much worse quality on the xdpi Minolta than they had on our comparable dpi inkjet.

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This measurement detects the strength and duration of the reflected light as the toner stirring blades also amgicolor the reflected light. Toner controller plate This evenly applies the toner to the developing roller. If it comes back on replace the home position sensor or the paper deflector motor. There was a problem loading comments right now.

Full text of “Konica Minolta QMS magicolor Service Manual”

Set up was pretty easy. Push the rack release button from the front surface. Is there a tab on the one-way clutch for the multi- purpose tray take-up roller?

Half speed at the start of printing. Primary image transfer bias 3.